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1. TheFUN® Browser

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3. TheFUN® Mall™

We will showcase our products inside once we’re done with security upgrades. Everything is commercial grade and product load-up ready. Here is a photo of how it looks with walmart. We will be using our own online store to take on Amazon!

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4. TheFUN® Bands™

Take a peek at the future as we build and add onto TheFUN®. We are not stopping here! 150+ Websites/Domains to support expected vast future growth in many retail markets across the globe. There is no guarantee of our success, but I have a plan, BOTH APPROVED USPTO Trademarks and we are in motion!

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Entertainment + Life Saving Tools.

TheFUN® Provides 100% of the funding of these family & child safety programs.

XiiO™ – Abducted Child Distress Call. Once you arm your child with XiiO ( X-I-I-O), they can call for help no matter where they are forced into human trafficking.
XiiO™ is the only Abducted Distress Call for help in Human Trafficking” And we are in the design and property selection process of building 4 call centers to help your family in the dead of night.

Future: Building four 24 Hr Call Center Network

National Center Network Command Centers: – Staffed with 240+ returning war Vets. to help your family enroll in TheFUNPass® and assist 911 in a missing child emergency.

J Michael Thrasher

Owner: Creator of XiiO™ TheFUN® Brands & Business Partner Development
Hi. Michael here. Please sign up your child right now in the free to help Police and Media work faster. It’s paid my me.

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