August 23, 2018

Sponsor of TheFUN® (Ad Space Partners)

TheFUN® Advertising
(FunWideWeb! - TheFUN® Browser TM)
Take a look Here:

We will do great things together using your ad budget work for the community.

Build your brand and following with a new web platform with PC Browser plus Apps for most mobiles!

How it works:
Multiple options for users Worldwide:
- Windows XP and up - FunWideWeb - TheFUN Browser Runs Great in multi-screen on one screen!
- Windows Desktops, Laptops & Tablets and Win. Phones.

More Devices:
- Mobile APPS for Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Kindle & Windows Mobile.
- Photos are screenshots with some artist rendering, but not endorsements or sponsorship.
What is up for lease:
- No PayPerClick.
- Unmetered.
- Directly linking back to your site.

*On our prime 3 SCREEN Mode; a dedicated landing page (lower half of screen) will show your webpage and hyperlink back to your website. Update your page as often as you like. Mobile apps - you get a dedicated button.

- Showcase the value of your brand & Community Support.
- You get the first right of refusal to renew each year 90 days before the end of lease.
- You may not resell/transfer this right unless you sell your company to another party and they make the next 3 years full payment to me while at your closing table.
- Payment: Bank ACH or certified check.
- Co-branding: You agree to list/print/display "The" & "As Seen in" on your website, services, social pages & product labels.

Additional Terms & Limitations Apply: ASK. You can only promote your preapproved brand or product.
- Buyer pays sales taxes.

Authorized Agents: To accept & close the deal: Koryn M. Thrasher or J. Michael Thrasher, no others.

- Some photos are made with artist rendering but all use real screenshots.

Questions? Call and ask me now.
Michael 919-771-9661

- JMThrasher. Vet.

Email or call me at 919-771-9661.