June 24, 2015

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions.

Lets be real here. If the US government can't stop being hacked, how can I do any better?
"Know that I can't."
- Don't expect me or anyone here to be able to do any better.

Fact: "Your privacy is within your control, not mine, Own it."
How: If you don't post private information on the web, you avoid it becoming public.

So, I, we...really have no control over your actions.

Your use of my the sites, software or services all require that you must agree to hold me, my friends, staff, vendors all harmless for all matters and any legal payouts for our actions or lack of actions to be limited to $1 for your whole lifetime, for all events.

If you don't agree, just don't use it.

- See ya'