June 24, 2015

Terms & Conditions

TheFUN® Terms & Conditions: (Click Photos to Enlarge)

Welcome to TheFUN friends. Let's be clear about the web, hackers and any website of TheFUN Network of sites (GeS).
1. This is a private website and service. Your does not give you ownership and therefore no voting tights to it's operation.
2. Your data, IE: your address and such, is under your sole control. Only list online as you see fit.
3. If the US government can't stop being hacked, how can I, we expect to do any better?

Answer:"You are being told upfront, I, we just can't. I don't have their budget, so use it "as-is" & "at your own risk". Waving your rights for any legal action upon me, vendors, staff or anyone else working here or owning any part of it fro any action or omission. If you do not agree, stop and close this site now. Otherwise, your continued use is your approval of these terms and conditions and future changes to do the best I feel is right for safety and service."

Example: A. US Government Hacked. Click to enlarge photo.

- Don't expect me or anyone here to be able to do any better at keeping criminals and hackers from doing what they do. Large companies are always targeted and attacked. I,we will do what we feel is the best with what we have to work with, but that's all I,we can really do. You might select another option or path, but respect this is my network. The core information of your data is all within your control.

Fact: "Your privacy is only within your control, not mine. Own it and move forward:"
Here Is How: "If you don't post private information on the web, you avoid it becoming public!"

So, I, we...really have no control over your actions.

GDPR Statement:
- We do not sell or share your data.
- Date stored worldwide on servers inside locked in class 5 huricane resistant data centers with armed guards.
- You delete & maintain your own data.

GeS Failsafe Recovery Measures Locked Inplace and may not be disabled; except by you.

CPPIDS TechnologyTM in place:
Your use on theFUN Networks and sites grant Local, State and Fed. Police & 911 Services will get full access to data IF YOU ARE REPORTED MISSING OR ABDUCTED or at your Parents request via 911/Police; regardless of your age (even if your over 21).

Why: We have not meet face to face, but we love you as family. You are someone's child and you matter.
As family, the staff and I intend to help recover you ASAP and bring you home. Sometimes, all the information police /911 may need to recover you is in your profile, email or other account activity. Know and count on us to grant and assist them to be on your side when it matters most.

Once the NCN / GeS Centers are built and staffed, we will offer the following:

911ACCESS™ & GeS Addon Services:

Example 1:
Your child is found without you after a disaster such as wild fire or flood. We will access the GeS Network ( included in your membership) to isolate your information and apply CPPIDS Technology. We will activly locate the closest family member over web, phone to pick up your child and assist Police and Emergency Services to Identify them as your family and take your child safely home in your absance. Even if you are dead, your child goes to family. We Got You.

Example 2:
Lost child in a large public place: CPPIDS Technology will also actively contact you and your kin within seconds. Preventing un unnessary AmberAlert, saving the community money and reduce Police service calls.

Example 3:
10:30 AM on a busy Tuesday: Medical emergency on your part. Heart attack, stroke or car accident... Once we receive 911/EMS Request to activate 911ACCESS Network Data with CPPIDS Technology, we will contact your child's school, call your 5 next of kin(s) and track who picks up your child and tell your family where you were taken by ambulance.

- Official Published Media will get access to your photo once you have been reported as missing or an AmberAler is needed. We will give data on the spot with ready made posters inside The AmberAlertSystem TM

PHOTO USE & Copyrights:
- NO photos may be taken from any page of our networks without your approval (Unless reported missing, then the GeS NCN /GeS Command Center(s)*** will release it).
- Once uploaded, they are copyrighted by you. You edit and change as you need too.

Your use of my the sites, software or services "as-is" and all require that you agree to hold myself, my family, my friends, staff, vendors... all harmless for all matters and or legal issues whatsoever and limit any legal payouts to a max of $1 for all events within your lifetime, for all events of your family as well. If you do not agree to all terms and conditions I thank you for your consideration; but you should not join theFUN.
- Michael.

***GeS NCN Command Centers are not expected to come online until 2019
(www.NCFMP.com and others all under one roof)