June 24, 2015

TOS, GDPR & Privacy

TheFUN® Terms & Conditions: (Click Photos to Enlarge)

Welcome to TheFUN®LLC.

USPTO Reg.# 581636 & 5854871

IRS EIN: 86-3875331

Let’s be clear about the web, privacy, data miners, hackers and any website of TheFUN® Network of sites ( GeS and more). many programs, services and Products are either online, in dev-ops and or in the planning stages and will be up when we are ready. Questions: Ask. 919-771-9661

1. This is a private website and service as I see fit for my best use. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, just don’t use it.
2. You must be 13 or older to create an account or have your parents consent.
3. All data entered by you is under your control to post and or register with this system. Only list online as you see fit to be public information.

4. You will not datamine, reverse engineer or copy the works inside any of our sites. All photos are copyright TheFUN® LLC upon being uploaded.
5. Ban for illegal acts or hate crimes or actions we find unfit to be on TheFUN®. You will be given a warning for any actions, posts, etc, that are stupid. If bad enough, you could receive a lifetime ban.
6. Hackers are real. If the US government can’t stop them, how can I?

Know up front: I, we can’t. We can do our best within my budget and make improvements in the process, but in the end, it’s still “The Wide Open Internet”. So you must agree to use it “where-is, as-is” & “at your own risk”. Waving all rights for any legal action upon me, vendors, staff or anyone else working here or owning any part of it for any actions or omissions. You agree all legal actions /judication, take place in Clayton, North Carolina and have a total combined payout max limit of $1 for you and your family together in any lifetime (90 years). At some point, data breaches will / may occur and I/we may not know this or discover later on. At that point, I will decide what to release/inform or not too any members / groups of this. It is my choice alone and you agree to having no right to be informed, posted or published the fact if I choose not too. You do you, and I’ll do me and manage my websites and services as I see fit, under my house rules.

If you do not agree, stop and close this site now.

Otherwise, any use is your consent and approval of these terms and conditions subject to future changes without notice. I/we will do the best or feel is right for safety and service quality.”

Example: US Government Hacked. Click to enlarge photo.

GDPR Statement:

– We do not sell or share your data.
– Date stored worldwide on servers inside locked in class 5 hurricane resistant data centers with armed guards.
– You must delete & maintain your own data.

GeS Failsafe Recovery Measures Locked in-place and may not be disabled; except by you.

CPPIDS Technology TM in place:
Your use of TheFUN® LLC Networks automatically grant Local, State and Fed. Police & 911 services access to any data, emergency data or communications inside upon official request : IF YOU ARE REPORTED MISSING / ABDUCTED / Under Medical Treatment / Ill or upon your Parents request regardless of your age. Any other request require a judge signed warrant.

Why date is available: “You are someone’s child and you matter”.
Working as extended family, the staff and I intend to help 911 services work faster to help recover you and bring you home. Sometimes, all the little bit of information police /911 may need can be found in your profile, email or other account activity inside TheFUN®. Know and count on us to assist when it matters most.

Once the 4 NCN / GeS Command Centers are built and staffed, we will offer live support services.

Media Access & Photo / Data Use in print, web and TV:
– Official Published NEWS Media will have access to your photo once you have been reported missing or endangered. We will provide access on the spot with ready made posters inside The AmberAlertSystem TM

PHOTO USE & Copyrights:
– NO photos may be taken from any page of our networks without your approval (Unless reported missing, then the GeS NCN /GeS Command Center(s)*** will release it).
– Once uploaded, they are copyrighted by TheFUN® LLC. You may edit and change as you need too.

TOS: Requirement agreed too by your use: Your use of my the sites, software or services “as-is” and all require that you agree to hold myself, my family, my friends, staff, vendors… all harmless for all matters and or legal issues whatsoever and limit any legal payouts to a max of $1 for all events within your lifetime, for all events of your family as well. If you do not agree to all terms and conditions do not use this service.

***First GeS NCN Command Centers are not expected to come online until 2020
(www.NCFMP.com and others all under one roof)