October 5, 2018

TheFUN® Partners

Welcome. This page is for investors, not members or advertisers. This is not a public offering and no offer is open to the public.
J Michael Thrasher

I have options for bring in working partners inside TheFUN®. Not a public offering and no offer is not open to the public. All Partners must be well qualified, Technically Able to deliver, vetted, have approved funds exceeding the investment and personally approved to be considered. I reserved the unqualified right to refuse anyone, without reason.

- Seeking working investors who are Lawyers, IT or other Professionals to bring their skill set into TheFUN® and add value for all partners.

TheFUN Pass®
TheFUN Pizza®
TheFUN® Single TM
TheFUN® Date TM
TheFUN® Mall TM
TheFUN® Wireless TM
TheFUN® Members TM
TheFUN® Toy TM
TheFUN® Barber TM
TheFUN® Movie TM
TheFUN® Music TM
TheFUN® Car TM
TheFUN® Beer TM
TheFUN® Weed TM

and more to come...

- Min. investment $1,500,000. Band up with partners and lets talk.
- More info after you qualify. Find me on LinkedIn. J Michael Thrasher

Deal #1

TheFUN® (www.TheFUN.com) - $15,500,000 for 5%
- Limited to TheFUN® Ad space leases and cable TV Channels and other related to core site. Not any other sub partner groups.


Open only to Law Firms who are an investment group with counsel Pat. & Trademarks and will take on TheFUN® TM filings and work (and my own other personal holdings as well) as part of the deal.

Deal #2

TheFUN® Wireless (www.TheFUNWireless.com) - $20,500,000 for 20%
Pending: Cell Phones, Plans, Pins, Reload Cards and Wireless Web.

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Deal #3

TheFUN Pizza® (www.TheFUNPizza) -
- Future Franchising Pizza Restaurants.
- Ads run inside TheFUN® and all of it's sites.
- Online Ordering System inside Movie Mode in the PC Browser Version.
- Online Ordering System inside Mobile Apps.

Official Sponsor Of TheFUN®
- $15,000,000 per year, for Licensed Rights in whole with backlinks in TheFUN®.

Lifetime: Official Sponsor Of TheFUN®
- $250,000,000 to buy the brand and lifetime backlinks for pizza sales in TheFUN®.

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This is in WebTV Mode. Order without stopping the movie or sports game.

Call me at 919-771-9661

J. Michael Thrasher

Fair Notice: We are adults & all investments carry risk. Do your own due diligence before investing.