December 28, 2020


TheFUN® TV™ Channels make life easier to locate our favorite programs. Much like Cable TV that we are used too, but wait, there’s more!
DEMO Screenshot of real use 28 Dec. 2020.
Not an endorsement, but they look good!

Welcome to TheFUN® TV™

ONLY 200 Channels Available.

  • Channel 1 – 10: $350,000 Reserve Price,
    , each year, each channel as it come with command Button assignments inside the TheFUN Browser Control 3 Screen and Movie Modes. IE: Movie Button. Search Button, School Button etc…
  • Channels 11-40 $59,999 each year, each channel.
  • Channels 41-80 $49,999, each year, each channel.
  • Channels 81-100 $39,999, each year, each channel.
  • Channels 101-200 $19,999, each year, each channel.

Lease Now: or Call (919) 771-9661 to Arrange contract , Bank Check or Commercial Banking ACH Transfer.

*Artist enhanced photo. Ask for real screenshots by email.

  • Lease: Channel Hyperlink, one per channel.
  • Term: 1 Year. Ending on the 366day at 2AM.
  • No porn, hate or religious programing.
  • Any adult humor content after 9PM to 7 AM.
  • 10 Channel/Block Max. by any one group/company.
  • Co-brand required with TheFUN® commercials.
  • You control the content linked back to your servers.
  • You control the ads and keep 100% of the income.
  • Auto-Renew +10%, next 3 years.

Available for most devices: Windows, Apple, Android, TheFUNOS and others for PC’s, Desktops, Tablets, TheFUNPad, Customers, Customers and Open Web Access using our apps or through Channel Guide. Most Apps; Direct Download from QR Code.

*Real Screenshot

Question? Ask (919) 771-9661 9AM to 11 PM. Every day.

J. Michael Thrasher, Commercial Merchant.

J Michael Thrasher & My Nancy.