TheFUNPass® Will be online to register discounts Worldwide in 2025. It is free with your membership.


  • We do not sell or give out your information.
  • When you enroll, Paypal ( a high security company, but not part of TheFUN®) may ask to save your infor to make your renewal easier. You can say yes, or login and mak adjustments on their website. We do not store your credit card or banking information at TheFUN® LLC. or this website.
  • Use Common Sense: Do not post information you would not want the world to know. This includeds photos, data, documents or ur;s links. Or linkes to other social sites, websites... etc. It's your data and you need to manage it.  We do not manage your data, photos or others information about you.
  • Account suspension or termination:
  • If you use a fake account holders name that does not match your billing info (You can use a nick name for profile) we may close your account for safety.
  • Multible accounts from the same IP with different names will flag our system and make accounts for review and verify.
  • We store all data on a Vendors Server. Upon request, we will delete your account and all files with it. This cannot be undone.
  • Questions: Ask
  • Have a nice day - JMThrasher, Founder TheFUN®LLC.

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